Song and Dance in Sheffield

Over 30 Sheffield Reform members and friends enjoyed a rousing Purim celebration on 12th March 2017.

We were entertained as Shonaleigh, our own Drut’syla, (traditional story-teller) told us an alternative version of the Purim story – drowned out of course when a certain rogue character in the story was mentioned by name :-). As is Shonaleigh’s style, the story went off in different directions at times to tell other stories, normally ‘stories for another time’, according to requests from the assembled gathering.

This was followed by a splendid ‘bring and share’ Purim ‘banquet’, before we were entertained with Klezmer music played by Adrian and Josie – and many joined in the ‘at times’ frenzied Klezmer dancing led by Judith Plowman.

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