JSCN at Leatid Berlin

JDC Europe recently held its 25th Leatid Top Leaders Seminar. This year the event took place in Berlin and was attended by Jewish community leaders from at least 10 European countries, including Greece, Bulgaria, Romania, Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK. Ed Horwich attended on behalf of JSCN.

The seminar was held over three days and gave a chance for leaders to compare notes on how their communities operated both nationally and on a synagogue to synagogue basis.
One shining example of adopting lessons learned from Leatid was given by the Leeds community, who have successfully put in place emergency measures to save their care home.
Interest in welfare issues was also the focus of delegates from France and Romania.

Rabbi Joshua Spinner, along with his wife Joelle and children, hosted 36 delegates and friends in his home for Friday night Shabbat dinner.

For those attendees not familiar with Berlin it was interesting to learn that its Jewish population numbers around ten and a half thousand, catered for by 12 synagogues. Jewish life still penetrates into the heart of the city, with the Central Synagogue, Jewish book shop and bagel shop just a few meters from the seminar’s venue on Berlin’s Ku’Damm boulevard.


JDC is also involved with the ECJC (European Council of Jewish Communities) who are holding their third meeting especially for Jewish Small Communities.
The conference, to be held in Stockholm in June, focuses on Interfaith Marriage.

Click this link for more details… https://interfaithmarriages.splashthat.com

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