Judaism GCSE the Definitive Resource

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Until now there has been no unified approach to delivering information about the Jewish Religion and Jewish Life. Information has come from varying sources, such as community volunteers, academics and training professionals, all varying their emphasis according to their personal expertise.

Now Clive Lawton, the community leader, academic and founder of the Limmud movement, has produced this definite reference book.

Although aimed at GCSE, it provides a bedrock for school children of all ages and adult community groups. So whether you are a volunteer providing guided tours of your synagogue, or a professional delivering Judaism Awareness training in a company or organisation, this is a valuable core resource.

‘Judaism GCSE Religious Studies – The Definitive Resource’ provides an unbiased description of the diversity within the Jewish community, and highlights the issues that are of most importance. The 140-page resource is designed to be easy to use and provides information for both students and teachers. Each topic is headed by a list of key facts, which is followed by fuller explanatory material. Vocabulary for the key facts has been carefully regulated to ensure it is easily accessible to GCSE pupils.

Digital or Hardback book copies are available to buy from the Board Of Deputies

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