School & Synagogue visits

Understanding Judaism

The study of “Judaism” is an important part of the National Curriculum.

Requests from schools for a speaker or a visit to a synagogue are one of the key enquiries JSCN receives.

JSCN helps by signposting you to an appropriate community, synagogue, or training provider.

Who can I get to do it?
It is a good idea to only to use experienced professionals or volunteers.

Where there is an established local Jewish community they will have many years experience of presenting suitable material, and will be capable of covering the topics you require.

Professionals should be able to demonstrate a track record specifically in Judaism, as well as referrals for their work.

Send us an enquiry and we’ll try and point you in the right direction.

What will it cost?

Professional: each provider will have standard fees, and these may vary depending on time and distance.

Communities & Volunteers: In cases where there is no set fee, it is usually appropriate to offer a donation to the organisation, or to an individual’s designated charity. It would also be appropriate to offer to cover reasonable expenses.

Are there venues I can visit?
Yes. The Jewish Museum in Manchester is a centre of excellence. Additionally there are many Synagogues around the country which offer guided tours.

Where will I find a Community or Synagogue?
London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool and Glasgow are the largest centres of Jewish life.
However beyond that there are over 80 small Jewish communities spread across the whole of the UK. Their ability to help you will vary from place to place. They are all listed on JSCN with either links to their website or direct contact details.

What if I need my teaching staff to receive training?
An accredited training scheme is currently being created for the UK.
We will carry details about this once it becomes available.
Are there any qualified trainers available now?
Contact us and we will try and help.


Other national resources:

National Holocaust Centre, Beth Shalom, Nottinghamshire

Manchester Jewish Museum

Jewish Museum (London)

Talk & visit enquiries

Links to all small Jewish communities can be found by searching our Communities List.
However if you are not sure who to contact, use the form below to send us details and we will try and find a match for you.

These major conurbations are well resourced and easily researched via Google
with a simple search for “Synagogues + your area”.
You can also contact the the Jewish Representative Council in each city – or in London the Board of Deputies.
JSCN’s resources are aimed at schools and communities away from the major cities
Talks & Visits