Limmud Bristol SW programme


JSCN will be in the Shuk – so come and find us.


Among the sessions  you will find:

·      Madge Dresser: 

      Jews and the Atlantic Slavery – beyond the polemics

·      Dana Mills:          

      The Jewess as pariah – Eleanor Marx and other radical women – their

       contemporary relevance

·      David Jewell & Gene Feder:           

      Supporting the development of family medicine in Palestine: Why is this

      a Jewish task?

·      Claire Le Foll:     

      Marc Chagall – between shtetland modernity


Or why not choose to hear:


·      Izzy Posen:          

      From Charedi boy to secular university student: A journey of learning

·      Tamar Hodos Lucas

      Archaeology and the Bible: Where do they intersect?

·      Edie Friedman

      The Jewish response to the refugee crisis


You could decide to listen to:


·      Michael Davies

      A new way to teach the history of the IsraelPalestine conflict

·      Rebecca Abrahams

      The Jewish Journey: 4000 years in 22 objects

·      Tim Cole:               

      Holocaust landscapes

·      Allan Schiller:

            My life in music


Or be intrigued by:


·      Sybil Sheridan

      There are still Jews in Ethiopia

·      Mike Witcombe:     

      Post-Roth: What next for Jewish-American literature?

§  Kalsoom Bashir & Martin Vegoda:       

      Salaam Shalom: Dialogue begins through arts or media participation

·      Clive Lawton:    

      Is it Jewish to care about the environment?

·      Monica Bohm-Duchen

      Insiders/Outsiders:  A nationwide arts festival paying tribute to creative  

      refugees of the 1930’s

·      Ben Nathan:   

      Same Colour Tears – a conversation with Palestinian and Israeli voices


Your personal session list might include:


·      Natan Levy:    

            Unforgiven: The Talmudic sages speak ofJesus as Rabbi, Traitor and

            Tragic Bricklayer

·      Alex Schlesinger:   

      The story of the Jews of Bristol and Bath – with an optional visit at day     

       end to Park Row Synagogue

·      Mark Solomon:   

      How many ways can you sing kaddish?

·      Sarah MacDougall:

      ‘Independence of Vision’: David Bomberg (1890-1957)

·      Robert Hurst:   

      Jews and the Musicals


Or on your list might be:


·       Monique Mayer & Kalsoom Bashir:  

            Faith beyond patriarchy: personal reflections of a Muslim Chaplain and

            a Progressive Rabbi

·      David Mowat

      A musical history of the Balfour Declaration

·      Kurt Lampe

      Philo of Alexandria’s Jewish Philosophy

·      Tamir Oren

      StandWithUs – campus and community initiatives


While, as an alternative choice, how about:


·      Lara Balsam

      Veganismtakes root in the land of milk and honey

·      Jonathan Wittenberg:   

      Things my dog has taught me – about being a better person


For information  about booking or directions to the venue:

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