Tayside and Fife Jewish Community

formerly known as Dundee Hebrew Congregation

Address: 9 St Mary’s Place, Dundee DD1 5RB (opened 1978)

Our members live across Tayside and Fife for a variety of reasons, including professional, lifestyle and family choices. We aim to provide them with a communal Jewish identity and a central meeting point for Jewish holidays, celebrations, Shabbat services and cultural activities in an environment which brings all the Judaic denominations together.

Former Address: 15 Meadow Street, Dundee
Previously 132 Murraygate Street, and 62 Murraygate Street, Dundee (1895 to 1920)

School Visits
About three times a year, we set aside a day for school visits, and two of us run a programme.
We take children in groups, typically a school class, sometimes a whole village school.  Half the group goes in the shul, talking about what they see, and second half of the group gathers in the communal area, talking about home, festivals, etc.
After 30 minutes we swap.
During a day we take sessions from:-
That means that during a  day we can see and talk to eight groups, typically 180-240 children, without causing problems from  crossing school parties or pushing anyone into a group where they don’t know others in the class.

Status: Active

Date Founded: 1874

Ritual: Ashkenazi Orthodox

Tayside and Fife Jewish Community  The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities 


  1. Joan Chalmers

    I’m Secretary of Broughty Ferry in Bloom and will be working with a group of pupils at Grove Academy to renovate a small Holocaust memorial garden. I would appreciate it if someone could contact me to confirm that we are getting things right.

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