Southport Hebrew Congregation

Synagogue, Arnside Road, Southport – Independent – Orthodox

Services are held in the synagogue and are followed by a Kiddush every Shabbat, with a special Kiddush for Rosh Chodesh.
On weekdays and Sundays services are held in the Beth Hamidrash (ask in advance if you wish to attend).

Shabbat Service:
Commences 9.45am;  Sermon 11.15; Kiddush 12 noon
(Summer Friday night services commence 7.30 pm; Winter 6.30pm or as dictated by the calendar)

The Amelan Hall, immediately behind the Synagogue, offers a substantial function suite with bar and kosher catering facilities.

Visitors are always made welcome. Information about times and facilities is easily available from the Shool office
Tel: 01704-532964 (office times Tuesdays & Fridays only 9.00 – 12.00)
Email: office AT southportsynagogue DOT co DOT uk

Southport Synagogue Arnside Road


Kosher food:
Fresh Chickens under Beth Din Supervision are available to personal callers at Orchard Lea Farm, which is just outside Southport itself (01772-812396)

Vidal’s butcher and Titanic Deli will make van deliveries from Manchester.

Locally Morrisons carry a limited range of dry goods. Kiddush wine is available from Sainsburys.

[above: detail of windows above the Ark]

The stained glass triptych windows above the Ark are an impressive site.
• The centre one is called “The Guardian”. In its base is shown the Menorah, the Pillar of Cloud by Day and the Pillar of Fire by Night. In the circle, at the head of the window, is the Ark of the Covenant, just suggesting the Cherabim and Sechinon above the Palm leaves. At the base is the inscription “Behold the Guardian of Israel will not slumber nor sleep”. The border is panelled with various scripture plants Olive, Vine, Fig, Almond, Hyssop etc.

• The left hand window is called the “Abraham” window. The panel at the base shows the traditional Oak of Abraham of Hebron, the Alter of Sacrifice prepared for Isaac at the head, enclosed with a Pomegranate border. The inscription reads “Thou shall love the Lord thy G-d with all thy soul, with all thy heart and with all thy might”.
• The window on the right depicts in the base Jacob’s Stone at Bethel. The two side panels with the basket among the rushes on the banks of the Nile with Pyramids in the distance. In the top circle of the window water flows from the Rock.

Greetings Cards: a set of 3 cards each depicting one of the windows is available from the Synagogue office.
Click here to view

The synagogue has a fully working Mikvah at Arnside Road.

Community organisations:
Arnside Social Committee, Ladies Guild, Ajex, Wizo and League of Jewish Women.

The Orthodox community in Southport…
…has a long history which began in the 1890’s. By 1926 the Synagogue, which stands today in Arnside Road, had been established.

The first Jewish family in Southport was that of Henschel Samuelson (previously Metzenberg, from Breslau, Prussia) who settled in the town around 1873. He established a high class tobacconist shop on Neville Street and later one of his children created the town’s first cinema in the Victoria Hall.

In 1892 an Orthodox Jewish Boarding House was opened by Mrs Joseph Lambert. Situated in Knowsley Road it was called Sorrento.

[above: Chief Rabbi addresses the congregation 2003] see more photos – click

The first Synagogue was consecrated on 8th May 1893 and was on the corner of Windsor Road and Sussex Road, previously being a chapel for the Plymouth Bretheren. The community was served for its first 35 years by the Reverend Noah Blaser, who was also Shochet, teacher and general factotum. Around 30 Jewish families then lived in the town.

Israeli Ambassador in SouthportIt was 1896 when Hebrew classes started to be held on Sundays and Thursdays, and building was completed of a new Mortuary Hall. The Chief Rabbi Rev Dr H Adler visited Southport for the benefit of his health and stayed at the Shool President’s house in Knowsley Road. Even in those early years the Shool boasted its own Choir.

The Chief Rabbi visited again in 1901 and in light of this religious classes were established on every day except Wednesdays and Fridays. By then the number of families had grown to 40, approx. 100 people.

The Sussex Road Synagogue was reconstructed in 1913. The front of the building was faced with Accrington brick and an upper level gallery was created to accomodate the ladies of the congregation. The house abutting the Shool was made into a vestry and Cheder. Of the 80 Jewish families in the town at the time, fifty were members of the Shool.

[above: Israeli Ambassador visits in 2008] see more photos – click

arnside_rd_edhorwich_2361By 1922 the Jewish population had increased to upward of 500. By the early 1950’s the population had reached its zenith of 3,000. And in 1954 the new communal building, the Amelan Hall, was constructed at the rear of the Arnside Road Synagogue.

[right: Arnside Road Synagogue – the Hebrew inscription over the portico reads  “This is none other but the House of G-d and this is the Gate of Heaven”]

Jewish figures have played a leading part in Southport’s life, with many becoming councillors and sometimes major of the town. At one time the community boasted three Kosher butchers and two delicatessen. These days migration to Manchester, London and beyond has reduced the size of the community somewhat.
However, an active social life still provides keen audiences for a variety of events throughout the year, and a capacity turn out for the annual Hanukka dinner Gala.

see more community photos – click

southport arnside social committee
Arnside Road Social Committee – Hanukka 2006

Southport Jewish Aged Home
Tel: (01704) 531975
81 Albert Rd, Southport, PR9 9LN
“The Home”, as it is locally referred to, is a residential care home. It offers rooms and self-contained apartments. Communal facilities include dinning room, lounge and conservatory. There is also a synagogue within the building which holds daily services.

Story of Harris House Refugees



  1. Rona Davies

    I had the wonderful opportunity to spend a Shabbas at the Southport Hebrew Congregation in February 2017. It was truly a warm and inviting experience. Everyone was so welcoming. We look forward to our next trip to Southport. I want to thank Michael Braham for taking the time to meet with myself and my husband Steve, helping us forge for Kosher food while we were staying in the area. Due to his efforts, when we returned to our hotel erev Shabbas we were greeted with a gift bag filled with meat, bread, juice and other products to help make our stay and Shabbat most enjoyable. Thank you Eric and Gill Moonman for your thoughtfulness and kindness for the lovely and memorable Shabbos meals!

    Best regards,
    Rona Davies

  2. Spencer Batiste

    Thank you so much. I shall ring tomorrow, Thursday, re the headstone of my uncle Harry Blondin buried in Southport Jewish cemetery in 1943. I am seeking a photo of the inscription and any information that might be held at the shool about why he was in Southport when he died, when he lived in London.

    Spencer batiste

  3. Spencer Batiste

    I am trying to obtain a photo of the grave/inscription of my uncle, Alfred Blondin, who was buried in the Southport Jewish Community Cemetery on 31 January 1943. The JewishGen database suggests there should be a photo available online but I do not seem to be able to access it. Can you help please?

  4. Anthony Rothstein ( STEIN )

    Lovely to see a NEW member actually wants to join!!

    I look forward to my trip again this year at Rosh Hashanah, and to see some old and NEW faces..
    … my yearly pilgrimage from London / Sussex to attend one of THE most beautiful synagogues in the world!.

    I hope too that Darren is still looking after the shul??!!

    Best wishes

    Anthony Rothstein ( Tony Stein Sussex )


    Shana Tova to all in Southport!

    I look forward to attending this beautiful Shool on Rosh Hashanah, may it remain there forever… my yearly pilgrimage from London / Sussex to attend one of THE most beautiful synagogues in the world!.

    Have a Peaceful year ..

  6. Leonard Ian Erskine

    I went to study for my Bar Mitzvah at the Shul in 1944,
    when we lived on Southbank Road, even though I read my Bar Mitzvah in Liverpool.

    I still have family in Southport whom I last saw there in 1998, my cousin is Ivan Bennett.

    I left Southport for America in October 1947, and now live in Hollywood Florida I am 82 years old.

  7. Laura

    I have such love and admiration for Jewish people your strength, belief and love encourages me I love the way family comes first with your faith. In the past I have wanted to convert I still would but I know I would never be accepted as a convert in your faith in your community, I feel so close to g-d when I think Jewish. Love always laura

  8. Avril Lewis-Director-Liverpool Jewish Resource Centre

    Re the request for a synagogue tour for 60 Shropshire schoolchildren I can arrange for them to have one in a Liverpool Shul if they contact me. E mail address as above, telephone no. 01512351594

  9. Dianne Eastaway

    Hello , i would like to speak to someone about The Southport Hebrew congregation supporting Abbeyfield Southport Society. we are looking for volunteers to help us continue the work we do for the elderly community in Southport. Would that be something you would consider.

    many thanks Dianne

  10. Johnny Cohen

    If a relative of yours was a Holocaust victim and you would like their name to be read out during the communal Yom Hashoah service next Sunday evening (April 7 in KD Campus starting 7.45pm), please send their name (Hebrew or English) and yours and your phone number to Johnny Cohen 07779556134 or

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