Israeli Ambassador in Southport

The Israeli Ambassador, HE Ron Prosor, came to Southport, on Sunday 13th July, to address the Jewish Small Communities meeting.
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  1. jscn staff

    We are led to understand that management of the shool continues as planned. The monthly Friday night Shabbas communal dinners continue. A minyan rota has been put in place to ensure that Shabbat services proceed normally. There have been a number of scares in the press, stimulated by the local Council raising burial fees, however operation of the shool’s Burial Board continues as normal. There has even been a Barmitzvah celebrated in the last 12 months, and a newly resident couple have joined the shool. Rabbi Arnold Saunders is a frequent visitor to lead the Shabbat services.

  2. Anthony Rothstein

    I have commented before on this beautiful synagogue and long may it survive. However despite my visits occasionally from Sussex/London I have asked repeatedly to be informed of it’s progress and any community news without response!
    It would be nice to have this from time to time, so as to know how things are and if any help financial or otherwise is ever needed.
    With very best wishes to ALL in Arnside Road shul.


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