Eastbourne Hebrew Congregation


Independent Synagogue with conducted services similar to United Synagogue tradition.

Services held every Saturday morning at 10am and festivals.

22 Susans Road
East Sussex
BN21 3TJ

01323 484135

Eastbourne Hebrew Congregation

The services are usually led by lay leaders and congregants. Participation in services is encouraged and supported, but not obligatory. There is often a discussion on the weekly sidrah (portion).

While the service is conducted in a traditional style interspersed with English, women participate at times by reading the sidrah in English from the Chumash.

The seating is arranged so that ladies sit to the left, gentlemen to the front and right side of the shul. However, mixed seating for married couples and families is reserved at the rear three rows on the right side.


  1. Freya Hardy

    Hi, we have a large collection of Einayim children’s magazines and we’re looking for a happy home for them. We’re near to this synagogue and we’ll happily donate them to a good home. If they’ll be useful please get in touch and maybe we can arrange for you to have them. They’re all in near-perfect condition.

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