Shabbat UK inspiration from Toras Chaim

“We are privileged this year, once again, to be part of the international Shabbos Project, where Jews around the world unite to celebrate this special Shabbos.”

Full of insights and tasty recipes
Toras Chaim have prepared a booklet available to everyone to download here

The World is Six Days Old
based on a Dvar Torah given by the Chief Rabbi of South Africa, Rabbi Warren Goldstein Shlita

Lech Lecha Quiz

Tale of Two Avrahams
Reflections on a Shabbos in Finland, 2003

Chop Chip Bars
Recipe by Jessica Finger
I have no idea where these originally came from so if it was in fact from anyone you know please thank them, otherwise please use this as a super quick and easy delicious recipe for chocolate chip bars.

Sharon’s Story &  Michael’s Story
Around 30 years ago, well before the ShabbatUK era, our curiosity was sparked and the catalysts of our profound lifestyle change began to fizz, and they’re still fizzing.

Lemon Meringue Ice Cream
Recipe by Abby Robbins

Click to download

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