Israelis form their own community in Cambridge

A year ago, Israeli parents living in Cambridge started to explore the potential for an organised community in the city, motivated by a desire to boost their children’s knowledge of Hebrew.
They formed a WhatsApp group, put up posters and came up with a name, Alumot – meaning both “rays of light” and “sheaves of wheat”.
“The response was amazing,” said Tamara Novis, one of the founders.

“I found that Isrealise here very much want their children to learn to read and write Hebrew at a high level, learn aout Jewish culture and holidays and nd a place to socialise.”
The local Beth Shalom Reform synagogue offered use of its premises for the first year, bringing members into contact with the local Jewish community.
Alumot has since grown to 46 families, with more than 60 children, and classes are held on Sundays.

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