York Hebrew Congregation

The Victorian Aldwark Synagogue
The Victorian Aldwark Synagogue

The Aldwark Synagogue served York’s Jewish community from 1886 until 1975. However at that point the community declined and became affiliated to Leeds United Hebrew Congregation for the purposes of religious services and burial rights. However according to the 2001 census the Jewish population of the city numbered nearly 200.

The Jsoc at York University provides support for Jewish Students.
The nearest  Orthodox Jewish community is in Leeds.
A new Liberal community was established in York in 2014.

The city of YORK is tragically remembered for the massacre of the Jewish community which occurred in 1190.

 History of York – Aldwark Synagogue 



    My name is David Raymond my parents were Zena and Joel Raymond. I was barmitzved in 1959 at the old Aldwark synagogue. My father at times held positions including that of President. We moved to London in 1963 (I was too young to have any say in the move). I now live in Preston , Lancs.
    I am looking for anyone who knows or remembers me.

    Please contact me on mobile 07990764113.
    e.mail me on davidraymondfamily@gmail.com

  2. Annebelle Gyllenspetz

    Shalom, I wish to know if there is a Synagogue in York that has a Friday night Shabbat service Sept 27. I am from Sweden, and staying in York till late Saturday.

    I am a member of the Jewish Community of Göteborg, Sweden. Address: Östra Larmgatan 12, Göteborg, tel: 0046 31 109400.

    Please respond to my e-mail: bellaspetz@gmail.com.

    Thank you and Shabbat Shalom. Annebelle

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