Welshpool Jewish Group


Location: Welshpool is in eastern mid-Wales, four miles from the English border.

Current Status: Active

Ritual: Liberal / Progressive

We call ourselves the Welshpool Jewish Group for that is where we first met some 20 years ago.

Meetings are every 2 months at peoples houses, which can either be in Welshpool or in the wider surrounding district.

We are a loose group, we have no chairman or secretary. There are no fees.
Our meetings start with a Service and we use the Liberal book.
After the Service we have food and all those attending bring some food.
Similarly we organise an annual Seder.



  1. Simi


    We live in Oswestry and have a soon to be 13 year old son. Would also love to meet other Jewish families locally with a sense of humour and a sense of fun. I am Jewish and my husband isn’t but he loves my chicken soup and kneidelach, not to mention shawarma so he is half way there! Please get in touch. Thanks

  2. mitch

    Dear Judy

    There are very few Jews in the area and our family tends to celebrate the holidays at home – it is about a 3 hour drive to the nearest synogogue. Your son is welcome to get in touch. He can find me easily on the University of Aberystwyth website (Department of Geography and Earth Science).

  3. Trying to get in contact with the Welshpool, Powys, group. I work in film and tv, mainly historical documentaries. We are doing one about biblical times and into the 1st crusades and I’m interested in Priestly costume of both periods but apart from more recent pics, can’t find decent authentic sources so i can get it as right as possible.

    If anyone can help, great!

    I’m in Newtown, south of Welshpool.


    Griff (Mark Griffin)

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