Swindon Jewish Community

Ritual: Reform

In process of being set up
Contact Info
Tel: 07493 195966
Erev Shabbat Service Times: 19:45:00 Monthly
Shabbat Service Times: 10:30:00 Monthly
Community Meals: Monthly


  1. For anybody who would like to find out more about the Swindon Jewish Community, we now have our own website up and running at http://swindonjewishcommunity.org.uk/. You can email us through the website or alternatively contact us on 07493 195 966. We meet regularly to celebrate services, festivals and social events together in and around Swindon and also occasionally visit other synagogues in the area. We do have members available who can visit local schools to give short talks about Judaism.

  2. Danni

    Hi, I teach in a primary school, about 10 minutes away from Marlborough, and I am trying to organise for someone of the Jewish faith to come in and speak to my class. They will learning about Shabbat over the next few weeks, and so it would be lovely for someone more knowledgeable than myself to come in and answer questions. They will also love to find out about anything else you can share about Judaism as well. Is there anyone in the nearby area who would be able to volunteer their help? Just for half an hour to an hour would be plenty of time. Many thanks!

  3. Helen Carter

    I am the RE subject leader at a Chippenham primary school and I am trying to organise someone from the Jewish community to lead some teacher training (during a one hour staff meeting) to support with teacher subject knowledge/confidence on such topics as every day Jewish life, Passover, Chanukah, Shabbat and an overview of how Jews show their commitment to G_d. Is this an area anyone from your organisation may be able to help with?
    Many thanks.

  4. Andrew Woodcock

    I am a member of the Malmesbury Town Council of which I am a Town Councillor and on Tuesday we held our monthly council meeting, at the start of the meeting I asked our Mayor was she aware this was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and that this was World Holocaust Day. She replied yes she was, I then asked if we could have a period of silence when we remember these evil acts.
    I am a Christian but in the 1950s I had a Jewish class mate whose mother was a German Jew who lost her entire family in the gas chambers.

  5. Jonathan Sissons


    My father is technically Jewish and since visiting Israel for a year in 2000, I have been trying to live in a way that I feel is correct. This has been a matter of faith and includes many aspects of the scripture’s laws. I hope that I can call you or meet to discuss how I can progress and learn. I feel that I need guidance and help to fully appreciate and love our Lord. Thank you.

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