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We are unique because…
under one roof, the Oxford Jewish Centre, we provide for the needs of all Jews in Oxford, whether permanent residents, students or visitors. We hold services for Orthodox, Masorti and Progressive forms of prayer, sometimes simultaneously.

Members of the community, whatever worship they participate in, are equal members of the congregation, and all of the many communal activities here are open to all.

Small in number but very active and strong in spirit, we welcome all, including the stranger “that is within [our] gates”, a frequent occurrence in Oxford.

Co-operation and tolerance underpins our approach, and this makes us a rare community of Jews.

The Oxford Jewish Centre, 21 Richmond Road, Oxford OX1 2JL

The centre’s telephone number is 01865 514 356 or contact us on 07525 785 200

For all enquiries, please e-mail:  connections@ojc-online.org

The Oxford Jewish Community


  1. Miriam

    I would like to come along to a Shabbat service . I have a cottage in Stow on the wold . My only worry is getting there .
    I belong to shenley SuJC I’m Shenley Herts .
    Do you have regular services on Shabbat .
    Kind Regards Miriam

  2. Helen Dudden

    You are unique as a Shul. All Jews have respect whatever your choice to give thanks.

    I have been welcomed as a stranger several times, this is a good way forward to keep the Small Communities in place. A Shul building that is shared fairly, a vibrant Jewish Community open to the future.

  3. David Dobson

    My name is David Dobson. I am 72 , married and near live Cambridge. I am attepting to discover whether it is possible that I am Jewish via my mother’s family who are Bryants but who have a direct descendant called ALICE ISAAC born 1816 who married Samuel Markham in 1833. The family tradition is that Alice was Jewish and that certain Jewish traditions of cooking and celebrating Jewish special days and events were handed down to her female children. Thus my Aunt’s Grandmother told her that her Grandmother was Jewish.

    This Jewish story also tells that because Alice married a gentile she was shunned by the family. The Oxford area is around Caversfield and Straton Audley. As you are a Jewish Oxford based organisation is there ant way you can help me?

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