Lincolnshire Jewish Community


Ritual: Liberal

Status: Active

Our community is based in Jews Court on Steep Hill in Lincoln city.

A book shop is downstairs and the synagogue is located on the first floor and has been for the past 23 years.
Jews Court is a Grade I listed 14th century building located on Steep Hill in Lincoln.
Traditionally thought to be on the site of a Medieval Synagogue, the oldest in the British Isles.
A Norman building immediately above Jew’s House, dated between 1150 and 1180 and is probably the only standing medieval synagogue in England.
It is thought to have been used as a synagogue until the expulsion of the entire Jewish community from England in 1290.

The Lincoln(shire) Jewish Community was founded in 1992 and is now the only Synagogue in Lincoln, holding regular Shabbat and Erev Shabbat services supported by our wonderful Cantor/Rabbi.

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Looking forward to seeing friends at Shul this morning - and Peter is taking the service which is always good news . ... See MoreSee Less

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Lincolnshire Jewish Community shared JCC Krakow's album. ... See MoreSee Less

*For English, scroll down* Tegoroczna kolacja szabatowa, zorganizowana przez JCC Krakow podczas Festiwalu Kultury Żydowskiej, na której gościliśmy 650 osób, pobiła rekord z zeszłego roku (kied...

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How refreshing it was taking a stroll at twilight by the Cathedral this evening to feel the hand of friendship from a member of the mosque with whom i exchanged pleasantries and warm words - he really appreciated our recent vigil outside the mosque.
All credit to Revd.Bruce Thompson who fosters such connection and warmth.
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