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Hull Hebrew Congregation

Status: Active
Ritual: Ashkenazi Orthodox
Date Founded: 2 April 1995 – replacing the Hull Western Synagogue and the Hull Old Hebrew Congregation

Rabbi Naftoli Lifschitz became the congregation’s rabbi in 2012. He was inducted by the Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, on his visit to Yorkshire in May 2014.
In his address, the Chief Rabbi said Rabbi Lifschitz had made the community more active and vibrant, having speedily established a strong rapport with his congregants. In an emotional response, the minister said he felt responsible for keeping the community alive and ensuring it thrived in the future.
Shul president Jonathan Levine, who presented Gateshead-born Rabbi Lifschitz with a tallit to mark the occasion, said he had “breathed new life into the community with increased Jewish education, communal functions and cholent lunches. We have acquired several new members and encouraged the non-affiliated to attend. “I am pleased that Rabbi Mirvis was able to induct our new rabbi so early in his ministry. He said it was music to his ears to hear of Hull’s successes.”

Hull’s first recorded Jewish inhabitant in 1766 was Michael Levy, a watchmaker. In 1788 a local jeweller, Aaron Jacobs, created an ‘elegant crown’ to adorn the brow of King William the Third’s (King Billy) equestrian statue on the centenary celebration of his victory over King James the Second.
The family responsible for the Max Factor cosmetics giant sprang from humble beginnings in Hull’s Osborne Street before emigrating to the USA.

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  1. Hi, I have created a website dedicated to the memory of Hull men who lost their lives in the First World War. Please contact me if you have any information regarding Hull’s many Jewish casualties. I would like to make the following link as interesting and accurate as possible, and would welcome any photos or information relating to those that died in the war. Thank You for your assistance. Regards. Paul

  2. Ruth Marler

    I am looking for guidance on how to find where the RAPSTONE family originated from. (previously RAPSTEIN in Poland/Russia).

    Alexander (born 1863) & Sarah (1869) had 4 children in Poland/Russia before they lived in Hull: Louis 1892, Joseph 1894, Halla 1898 & Ludwig 1900. Then 3 more born in Hull: Gertrude 1904, Aaron b1906-d1907, Frederick 1908.

    Alexander had a furniture business at 22 Postern Gate, Hull

    By 1920 Louis RAPSTONE of 197, Anlaby Road, Hull was a furniture dealer.
    he later lived at 649 Beverly High Rd, Hull and was president of the Old Hebrew Congregation.
    In 1934, Alexander’s widow, Sarah died whilst living at 197 Anlaby Road “deeply mourned by her daughter-in-law Doris and grandson Alec”. [strange that her son Louis is not mentioned].

    Any guidance on how to trace where Alexander and Sarah RAPSTONE / RAPSTEIN were originally from would be gratefully received.
    In 1937 he stood in Myton Ward for election.

  3. Ray Kelly

    Poetry anthology 2017

    I am well aware of Hulls Jewish history.
    I was a member of the Jewish society when I was an undergraduate in the 1980’s.
    I wondered if you knew of someone who could contribute a poem about Jewish history in Hull to a 2017 poetry anthology, Poems will be displayed in library west where there was once a strong Jewish community. I am also hoping to publish. Such anthology would not be complete without a contribution about Hull’s Jewish community.
    Ray Kelly

  4. Peter Brod

    This is for Linda Specht.

    (see ‍‍April 28th, 2015 – ט אייר תשעה at 12:03 pm

    I am looking for information about my great grandfather Rabbi Samuel Menachem Brod who I believe was a Rabbi at the old Hull Synagogue on Osborne street

    I have no information about your great-grandfather but I would like to know whether you have an idea where his ancestors had come from. The Brod surname used to be quite common in what is now the Czech Republic. Please answer to


    Peter Brod


  5. Good afternoon and Shalom.

    My name is Ashley and I currently study Theology and Ethics at Bishop Grossetesste Universiy Lincoln.

    I am desirous of a visit to your Synagogue and if possible an interview with your Chief Rabbi. My visit will not commence until late November or early December. I wanted to provide ample notice in order that I might be fully clear on any preparations I need to make before my visit, such as clothing or ceremonial cleaning and food avoidances.

    My intention, if at all possible, would be to visit your place of worship in order to respectfully learn as much as possible about Jewish belief and practice. Furthermore, I desire to speak for a short time (as much as you are willing) to the religious leader at your Synagogue and ask a handful of questions pertaining to rights, rituals and worship.

    The information will be used as cultural and personal development for myself as well as towards a module my degree.

    I faithfully look forward to your response.

    Thank you

    Ashley Gardner

  6. Peta Godney


    I wonder if you could help me in finding a person who is in charge of caretaking the Jewish burial grounds of Delhi Street and Church Lane, Marfleet, Hull.

    I currently volunteer for the Gravestone Photographic Resource Project which is a project that aims to record burial plots worldwide for the purpose of family research. It also means that there is an image available before age and weather destroy headstones/ memorials.

    I would very much like to photograph and catalogue the gravestones of the aforesaid sites; if, of course this is acceptable to the Jewish community of Hull and I can gain access to the sites.

    I grew up on Delhi street in the 1970’s and I am aware that the grounds suffered vandalism some years ago, which resulted in the grounds been locked and inaccessible to the public.

    I have been to the Marfleet site and cannot see a contact name for a caretaker.

    I would be very grateful if the congregation would consider this request and advise me accordingly.

    Should you require any further information I will be more than happy to answer any questions.

    Many Thanks

  7. Simon Rees

    Hi, I have left a message on the above phone, but thought I would leave a written one as well.
    I work at Ganton Special School, and last year Laurette Pearlman showed 2 staff and 5 students around the synagogue for our Leisure and Tourism lesson. We all really enjoyed the experience, and wondered if it would be possible for a further visit, as we now have a different group of students.
    Our lesson is on a monday commencing on 20th April, between 1100 and 1300.
    Thanking you for your assistance,
    Simon Rees

  8. Hello

    I write in my capacity as Vice Chair of the Freedom Flame, based in Hull. We are assembling a major event for May 8th to commemorate the end of the Second World War in Europe. This is in conjunction with the Wageningen45 committee, Holland. Would it be possible to speak to someone about including your community in this event?

    My mobile number is 07854 178353

    Many thanks, Mike Fuller.

  9. Malcolm Mann

    Hello I am a historian in Hull and researching war memorials but cannot find any for the jewish community although I know there were at lease three of them can you help me located them to records the brave men who served and died

  10. Eric Gunder

    Hello, I am researching my family history and have hit a brick wall. I wonder if you can help or at least point me in the right direction. I am trying to find the resting place of my paternal grandfather Hyman Gunder O’H”. I know he died in March 1946 in Scarborough, but he know he wasn’t buried in Scarborough. It’s known he wasn’t buried in Leeds, is it possible he was buried in Hull. As we are approaching the holiest time of the year, I’m desperate to find his grave.


    Eric Gunder

  11. Terry Burt

    Good evening, I attended the joint service today 14th September 2014-Elul 19 5774. I spoke to Rabbi Naftoli afterwards and requested a copy his sermon. He suggested I use the web site to communicate with him there by providing my email address and that he would send me a copy of his sermon. Would you please pass on this email to him?
    To close I found the whole event fascinting both in content and history. I also enjoyed the company of Dianne and Sefton during the refreshments. Thank you for a good day. Terry Burt

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