Guildford Synagogue

York Road Synagogue,
T: 07939 594212
Guildford Synagogue
Jewish Chaplain Guildford University
Guildford has had a Jewish presence since the Middle Ages.
The medieval synagogue was built in 1180 and its remains now lie under a modern shop on the High Street.
It is thought to be the second oldest synagogue in England, with Jews Court in Lincoln predating it by thirty years.
The modern synagogue was built in 1979.
Services are held on the last Shabbat of the secular Calendar month.
There are also services for the High Holydays and major festivals.
The synagogue is under the aegis of the Chief Rabbi.


  1. Charmain

    My elderly uncle has now sadly had to go into a nursing home and I have the task of disposing of everything.
    My uncle has some old prayer books plus other items and he has asked me to donate them to a synagogue.
    Would this be something you would consider taking?
    I look forward to your reply .
    Kind regards

  2. Suzy Privett

    Dear Chief Rabbi,

    Would you please consider my attending your Shabbat Service this coming Saturday, October 29th?

    I have been walking a spiritual path for many years and am undertaking a personal study of the great major teachings. My father was Jewish by birth and its ancient, deep, wisdom draws me to understand it more fully for myself.

    Married for nearly 25 years we have a 15 year old son, 2 cocker spaniels and a hamster! We live
    in Churt, near Handheld, Surrey and I am a teaching assistant at our local primary school.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this email.

    Yours sincerely,

    Suzy Privett

  3. Deborah Finch

    I have been doing my heritage & have since found out that I’m of Jewish descent, I am hoping to convert to the Faith that I’ve always had a feeling was within me. Please could you answer a question, are you Orthodox or Liberal @ the Synagogue? Thank you for your time. Shalom.

  4. Vincent

    Dear Sir, Dear Ma’am,

    Could it be possible if a non-jew would like to pray together with you guys (at least once) in your synagogue during one of the prayer service moments/prayer hours?

    Like this, very much your reply, please.

    Kind regards,

    Vincent Willems

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