Grimsby Hebrew Congregation


Sir Moses Montefiore Synagogue
(known as Grimsby Hebrew Congregation)

Holme Hill,
Heneage Road,
DN32 9DZ

Information: 01472 351404  / 01472 824463

As at 2010, the tiny community currently holds Friday night services once a month. The Victorian Romanesque-style Moses Montefiore synagogue has a roof problem, with congregants being advised not to sit to the left of the bimah.

Community founded 1742.

Ritual: Ashkenazi Orthodox


  1. Eva Maria D'esposito

    Hi, i am a scout leader and would like to know if its possible to allow our scouts to visit your synagogue.
    We are thinking of the 3rd of December between 6.45pm to 8.30pm.
    It will be nice to have someone also to do a little talk .
    Many thanks

    1st New Waltham scout leader

  2. brenda graham

    Hello Shirley I have just seen your enquiry regarding your Grandmother and that she married in our Schule in Grimsby I knew a Shirley Levy who married Lou Levy is she your mother i did know her it would be in the late 40’s early 50’s I am 85 now I as only talking about her to Martin Yale the other day would love to hear from you Regards Brenda Graham maiden name Wagerman.

  3. Modya Silver

    My Silver family came to Hull/Grimsby from somewhere in Poland. I am trying to find out more about my great-grandfather, Moshe David Silver, who was Morris David Silver to the best of our knowledge. He married Esther Sugar but we believe that he was married prior to Esther, had one child and then likely his first wife died. He then married Esther Sugar. It is possible that both of those marriages took place in Poland, but they did live in Grimsby for some time before moving to Leeds. They had several children including my grandfather Abe and his twin sister, Golda (who died at age 3 or 4). It’s possible or probable that Moshe David was a kosher butcher.

    OK, does anyone have any ideas how to research further with the Grimsby community?


    Modya Silver

  4. Nigel Swift

    Hello Lori, I am really pleased to hear from you. My grandmother, Rose Grant was your Grandmother’s younger sister. Rose married a non-Jew, Sydney Swift, and had two sons, my father Bryan, and Gordon, both of whom lived in Grimsby all their lives and died a few years ago. I am an only child and Gordon had two daughters, Rachel and Rebecca who still live in Grimsby.. I live in London and my wife, Anita is Jewish. We have two daughters, Maia and Leila.

    I have always been fascinated to know more about my Jewish heritage but my parents were always reluctant to tell me anything. I suspect that Rose was ostracised by the family for marrying out, but I’m not sure. I have traced back to Abraham Grant and Deborah Seegull, and I think that Deborah’s parents were Morris Seegull, originally from Lithuania, and Sarah. It looks like Rose and Leah’s oldest brother Simeon emigrated to the USA, and maybe some of the other siblings did too, as they seem to disappear from the cencus records. I would love to know more and maybe even to meet some of my relatives from this side of my family. My parents’ secretiveness has made me even more intrigued!

    Please let me know anything else you can add to my sketchy knowledge about the family.. My email address is I will be in Grimsby next weekend.

    Thank you very much for getting in touch,

    Nigel Swift.

  5. Nigel Swift

    Hello, I am trying to trace my family. I am the grandson of Rose Grant who lived at 238 Freeman Street as a child. Her parents were Abraham Grant, originally from Russia/Poland, and his wife Deborah,nee Seegull, born in Hull. I can’t find any record of Deborah in Hull, but I wondered if any members of this family are still in Grimsby? Rose had 7 siblings: Simeon, Joseph, Leah (who married David Lewis in the synagogue in 1921), Rachel,Isabel,Rebecca and Ada Grant. I would be very grateful for any information about anyone in this family. Thank you, Nigel Swift.

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