Childwall Synagogue

Current Status: Active
Founded: 1935 (Synagogue consecrated 1938)
Ritual: Orthodox – Ashkenazi

Childwall Hebrew Congregation
Synagogue Chambers
Dunbabin Road
L15 6XL

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Office Hours
Monday – Friday: 8.30am – 11.30am
Sunday: 9am – 12noon
0151 722 2079


  1. Ron Hoenig

    I am visiting family in Liverpool and have a Yahrzeit on Friday and would like to attend a minyan. Could you please advise whether than would be ok and whether Shacharit will be at 7am and what time Mincha will be. Thank you.

  2. catherine Morris

    In about 1960-61 my sister and I were taken to the theatre at Christmas for the pantomime and later to a Synagogue for a party. Our father had died and this was a charitable act by what we think was the Jewish community in Childwall. My sister thinks she remembers the synagogue was in Childwall. Does anyone remember anything about this? If so I would love to hear from you.

    Many thanks

  3. Kelly Kinsella

    Good afternoon,

    I am enquiring about booking a school trip for our years 3 and 4 classes. We are currently studying Judaism and have an outdoor learning day this Thursday 16.11.17 (apologies for the short notice).

    We have visited a few times in the past, generally splitting into two groups over the course of a morning .

    Many Thanks,

    Kelly Kinsella
    Christ the King

  4. Israel Bhooshi

    Thanks for the Open Tent invitation last Sabbath
    Hospitality was Awesome
    Service was Heavenly- Like being in Israel

    Numbers 13 & Josuha 1 -about spies and scarlet thread-Zit Zit
    A special Day For me
    Thoda Rabha Rabbi Van Der Berg

    Shalom Shalom
    Israel Bhooshi (India)
    North Wales

  5. Cyril Bradley

    I have lived in the United States for the past 63 years and was born in Liverpool, when going to the Hebrew school on Hope Place I also went to the Yeshiva I believe but not sure it was on Chatham St. this was in the early 1950’s, is there any records of the students that studied
    at the Yeshiva ?
    Thank you
    Cyril Bradley

  6. Helen Slocombe

    I am enquiring about booking a trip to the synagogue for 50 children year 3/4 week commencing 9/11/15. We are having a Judaism week and the children would love to look around the Synagogue and find out about Jewish traditions. I have been with my previous school and it was excellent. I was also wondering if a rabbi would be able to come out to school to speak to year5/6 and KS1
    I look forward to hearing from you
    Many Thanks
    Helen Slocombe
    Holy Spirit

  7. Lacey Leatherbarrow

    I am enquiring about booking a trip to your synagogue. I have got 31 year 3 children. We are having a Judaism week the 1st week in October and we would just like general knowledge about a synagogue.

    I came 2 years ago with a year 5 class and we stayed for the morning.

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Lacey Leatherbarrow

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