Chatham Memorial Synagogue


Chatham Memorial Synagogue is home to an independent traditional community which welcomes Jews of all denominations. Although we are a small provincial community with limited financial resources, we hold regular services for Shabbat and festivals as well as social and cultural events.

Chatham Memorial Synagogue
366 High Street

Tel: 07761 412559 (if there is no reply, please leave a message)

Chatham Memorial Synagogue Rochester

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  1. Danny Reeves

    I am wishing to convert to Judaism. I already read Hebrew and can speak it too. This is because I have visited Israel 3 times absolutely love the place and love G-d. I’ve always considered myself a Jew and have kept shabbat since 1995 I hope u can help me on my spiritual journey and I hope to see soon possibly the next shabbat. Shalom

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