Blackpool United Hebrew Congregation

Interior of Leamington Road Synagogue, Blackpool
Interior of Leamington Road Synagogue, Blackpool

On Sunday 13th May 2012 Leamington Road Synagogue held its last service.

Its congregation has merged with St Annes Hebrew Congregation, further south along the coast.

Blackpool United Hebrew Congregation was founded in about 1907 with the merger of Blackpool Hebrew Congregation which had been founded in 1898 and Blackpool New Orthodox Hebrew Congregation (founded in 1905). The synagogue was originally located in Springfield Road, North Shore. The current synagogue in Leamington Road was consecrated in 1916.

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  1. John Cowell

    This is partly in response to the recent query on Poland, partly to Karen Saidman. First, to Brendan Ripley: I was born Blackpool, but now live Southport. I taught in Poland for two years in the 1990s, and travelled around a great deal. I can recommend a book on the old Jewish communities that disappeared in the Holocaust, by Theo Richmond, title Konin: a Quest. Excellent, beautifully written.Happy to respond to questions but haven’t visited Auschwitz – did visit Majdanek, another death camp. Second, to Karen Saidman: when I was at Blackpool Grammar School, a boy called Saidman joined the class I was in, about 1959. I guess he was Brian L. Saidman, and I am curious because he disappeared soon after, so was perhaps there temporarily, while his family was moving. Didn’t get to know him well – there wasn’t time. I wonder if his family were related to Seidmans who were in Southport, and whether he is still in Britain, and if so I trust he is enjoying retirement!

  2. Paul Adrian Lyon

    I wish you luck, Brendon. My Jewish family left the Germanic states circa 1786 and circa 1800, so do not know of ancestors caught in the holocaust.
    However, my youngest daughter visited Auschwitz and I am sure it will have a great spiritual impact. Paul Adrian Lyon

  3. hope someone can help me

    hi my name is brendon ripley and i live in blackpool i am travelling to poland in october to visit aushwitz and i was hoping to meet up with people who escaped the holocaust so i could get a personal insight to life back then as i am studying it hence the trip. i am also going to the oscar schindler museum

  4. David Firth

    Hello I wonder if you could help me. I am related to Harry Hoffman who died in 1997. He was a WW2 war hero with two Purple Hearts. In an obituary it states he was the president of Blackpool Parachute Club – not sure if they still exist or whether there are still members around. He volunteered for the Sportsman’s Aid Charity. I am trying to find anyone who knew him or his family. Hope you can help.

  5. Paul Lyon

    Me too. My gg grandfather had been one of main 10 donors in 1898 to the building of the older Springfield Road synagogue. Including the Sam Lyon jewellers shop at Church Street Blackpool – nowadays rolled into the Leonard Dews business still there – our Lyon family remains in the Fylde today.

  6. karen saidman

    Relieved to have found some information about this synagogue and its history, after the shock of learning that it had closed just a short time before I planned to visit, having been born in Blackpool where both sides of the family lived and worshipped. Thank you for this site.

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