Resources for Blind and Partially sighted

Jewish News in audio format (provided by Jewish Care) latest edition

Jewish Chronicle in audio format (provided by Jewish Care) latest edition

The Jewish Braille Institute has a number of free Audio Book and Large Print publications that you can download –

New York based JBI has translated prayer books for all Jewish denominations into Braille, distributed free large-print Haggadot at Passover, and recorded over 13,000 audiobooks of Jewish interest. Thirty-five years ago, it established a vision clinic in Tel Aviv that now serves 6,000 people a year, from blinded Israeli soldiers to Arab infants to homeless folks in shelters to seniors in assisted-living facilities.

My Jewish Books –

A regularly updated listing of the latest Jewish books, with links to buy them on Amazon.

Kolot Hakodesh –

Kolot Hakodesh (Holy Voices) is an educational project, which was established as part of Kolot Hakodesh NPO and  aims to distribute religious books in audio format, in order to increase Torah study in Israel and abroad.
They have a mixture of free and paid for Audio Books.

Learn Out Loud –

This is an online book store with many free audio book downloads on Jewish related topics.