Sukkat Shalom Edinburgh


Sukkat Shalom, Edinburgh – the Edinburgh Liberal Community Synagogue

Former Name: The Edinburgh Reform Hebrew Community

Address: Current

Status: Active

Formation, Affiliation & Brief History Late 1970’s – Edinburgh members of the Glasgow New (Reform) Synagogue hold Friday evening services in each other’s homes. 1997 – congregation formalized with assistance from the Glasgow New Synagogue, to which the congregation becomes affiliated and hence, indirectly, to the RSGB. Congregation becomes known a the Edinburgh Reform Hebrew Community. September 2002 – congregation adopts the name Sukkat Shalom, Edinburgh. March 2004 – congregation becomes unaffiliated, as an independent progressive congregation. September 2004 – congregation becomes affiliated to Liberal Judaism.

Ritual: Progressive (Liberal)

Sukkat Shalom 


Scottish Council of Jewish Communities

One Comment

  1. Theresa Candelaria


    I’m visiting from Philly via Saudi Arabia (long story)

    At home I was I the choir at Leyv Hair in the Center City area.

    I would love to come to a Friday evening service.

    I’m staying with friends in Lauder and will be here for a few more days.

    thank you


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