Nottingham Hebrew Congregation

Shakespeare St Synagogue, originally bult as a Wesley chapel
Shakespeare St Synagogue, originally built as a Wesleyan chapel

The synagogue building in Shakespeare Street has been sold, as of January 2017.

Shabbat Services are being held at an alternative venue.
Please contact Rabbi Perez for details.

School visits: Rabbi Perez is happy to visit schools to talk about Judaism.

The congregation, formed in 1823, was housed for many years in the  Chaucer Street synagogue (built in 1890). In 1954 it moved and took over a former Wesleyan chapel in Shakespeare Street.

Rabbi Moshe Perez has been the rabbi of NHC for the past 25 years.
Office: 0115 947 2004

Rabbi Perez:

Ritual: Ashkenazi Orthodox
Current Status: Active
Formed: 1823

Mitzvah Day Nottingham Hebrew Congregation
Mitzvah Day Nottingham Hebrew Congregation

Synagogue photo by David Lally

Nottingham Hebrew Congregation


  1. Jonathan Lesser

    I’d love to know if anyone remembers or has heard of my grandfather, Gershon Richemberg, or Anglicised, George Young. He was a cantor of the shul and a Torah reader in the 60s. He left me in his will an original Megillat Esther and a Shofar.
    He lived in 78 Dryden street.
    Had a great voice some of which I’ve inherited too!

  2. David Gray

    Rather like Mr Lee (above) I am sad to see the Jewish people being persecuted for something that is not even down to them in the first place.
    I am not of the Jewish faith, but being a Christian, I have always felt close to that faith.
    I feel that Jews and Christians should stand together against the evil of this world.

  3. Jordan Brown

    Hi my names Jordan Im 21, and currently attend the synagogue Saturday and Sunday on Shakespeare street with my father Sydney Brown and Frank Collins . My father is Jewish and I’m interested to learn more about Judaism and learning Hebrew. Is there any classes in Nottingham I can join to help me improve and learn more, so I feel confident and understand the religion.

    Kind regards
    Jordan Walker-Brown

  4. Jared buffolino

    Hello my name is Jared and I am Catholic, but my mothers bloodline is Jewish as I’ve been told by Rabbi that makes me Jewish regardless to the fact that I’ve been baptized.I was wondering if threw my mothers side that I would be eligible for a mikvah? If so I would love to learn more about Judaism as this is all new information to me? Kind regards Jared.

  5. Valerie

    Shalom. I am trying to help a friend find out when another family friend passed away in Nottingham more than 20 years ago. The man’s name was Michael Levin he a well known jeweller in Nottingham from 1966 until the store was sold to the present owners in 1976 after that she has no information about this man. He was of the Jewish faith and I am taking the chance that if he was buried in Nottingham that you might have a record of his date of death.

    The interest in wanting to know this information has come up as she is writing a diary of memories for her grandchildren.

    Appreciate your time and any information with regard to dates you might have a record off.

    Thank you. Valerie

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