Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Hebrew Congregation


A number of years ago Llandudno and Colwyn Bay Hebrew Congregations merged, with Llandudno becoming the focus.

The local Llandudno community is very small, but still runs the shul.
A number of years ago the community made an arrangement with a group of Chabad trustees to run the apartments above the shul as a Chabad retreat, so as to encourage a regular minyan.

During the summer Llandudno is a popular destination for Chareidi and Hassidim, with various activities and popup kosher shops servicing religious visitors. Exactly what is available from month to month and year to year varies considerably.

To enquire or book a stay at the Retreat Centre ring 0161 792 2177 and leave a message.

Rabbi Wise also runs a Mother & Baby home. This provides a place of calm and support for mothers in the six week period after giving birth. (Leave a message on the Chabad number above for contact details)

Shacharit, Shabbat & other Services
There are frequently Shabbat Minyanim during the summer – varying at other times during the year.
Services are primarily conducted by visiting Lubavitch.
Check the noticeboard outside the Shul to find out week by week if there is a Minyan.

In the summer holidays there is a minyan daily
(Approx from Tisha B’av untilRosh Chodesh of Elul).

Address: 28 Church Walks, Llandudno LL30 2HL

Llandudno is a seaside resort, with a population of about 20,000, on the coast of North Wales.

Current Status: Active

Date Founded: 1905

Ritual: Ashkenazi Orthodox

In 2010 Conwy Council established the first Jewish cemetery in North Wales.
There have been substantial Jewish communities established over the last 100 years in North Wales, with synagogues in Llandudno, Colwyn Bay, Bangor and Caernarfon, but surprisingly there was no burial ground anywhere in the area.  The only remaining synagogue in North Wales is now in Llandudno (est. 1946), close to Llanrhos cemetery.

The burial section at Llanrhos is run on liberal Judaism lines, with arrangements left up to the bereaved family to decide how they wish to hold the funeral and mourn afterwards.

The Council will prepare graves at the request of the family and can be for up to three burials.

For more information or to discuss your requirements contact Conwy Council 01492 577730, email  erf@conwy.gov.uk


  1. Lorraine

    I would like to find out the name of a kosher hotel that was on the beachfront of Llandudno in 1946. My parents spent their honeymoon there. I will be visiting in mid May this year and would love to visit the old hotel if possible

  2. S graham

    We are planning a trip to North Wales in July 2016, and were wondering if there is a shull and kosher food available in Llandudno.
    We are English born Israelis in our late 60’s.
    Appreciate any advise.
    Stephen Graham

  3. Tracy Lewis

    I’m looking for my mams dad who from what we believe now lives in Toronto.
    His name is Norman Schwarts he was based in Colwyn Bay just before the date day in Normandy.
    After that he went back to Toronto to live. I have a picture and what we think his army number.
    If you can help we would be grateful.

  4. Rabbi Chaim Ingram

    I am a rabbi,chazan and Baal Kriah in the Sydney Jewish Community. I hope to be coming with my wife to Llandudno in July/Aug to be near my daughter who will, please G-D, be staying in the Jewish Mother and Baby Home there.

    I remember years ago staying in the shul house and paying a nominal rent – 20 pounds a week I think – in exchange for conducting services.

    Would be happy to so so again.

    Please contact

  5. Mrs F Weber

    Hi! I will be accompanying a group of (70) girls from Stamford Hill London to Llandudno for a weekend on Shabbos Parshas Toldos (2nd November)and was wondering if anybody would be available to make Havdolo for us on Motzoeh Shabbos? we will be staying at Plasgogarth which I believe is not far from you.Thank you Mrs Weber

  6. Cari Rowlands

    I am currently doing a project which I am researching the difficulties of carrying out the Jewish beliefs within Wales. I am hoping you are able to help me find more information about worshiping the religion when living in a non jewish community. I woulg like to know if this synagogue in LLandudno is currently holding services on a daily basis and if yes then how many Jews would attend? I would be very grateful if you are able to reply, thankyou.

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