Herefordshire Jewish Community

Affiliated to Liberal Judaism – A Union of Liberal and Progressive Synagogues in the United Kingdom and Europe.

The community has around 30-40 adult members including non-Jewish spouses, and was formed around 16 years ago.

Services are conducted monthly, around Herefordshire and Worcestershire, usually in Hereford and near Malvern.

Membership is commonly drawn from Herefordshire and surrounding areas in England and Wales.

There is also a Learning Circle, meeting every few weeks in Monmouth or Hereford as agreed by its members. Distance learning is also available.

Link: BBC – Torah scroll returned to Herefordshire Jewish community

 Herefordshire Jewish Community

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  1. Limmud Bristol SW Sunday June 10th 2018

    We’re now announcing the variety of topics that your members will be able to choose from, should they book to attend. Could we ask you to send the information below to all your members? You may need to re-format it.

    Thank you – we do appreciate your support.

    Martin Vegoda
    Limmud SW Planning Group Member

    Limmud Bristol SW Sunday June 10th 2018

    This day Limmud, the first in the South West, takes place in central Bristol

    Our programme has a range of topics of national and international Jewish interest:

     Working in the West Bank
     School education on Israel and Palestine
     Israeli and Palestinian Voices
     Jews of Ethiopia and Israel
     Jews and the Slave Trade
     The Story of the Jews of Bristol and Bath – with an optional visit
    to Park Row Synagogue
     Hungarian Jews During the Shoah
     Archaeology and the Bible
     History of the Jews in Twenty-two Objects
     A Musical History of the Balfour Declaration
     Jews and Musicals
     Cantorial Music
     My Life as a Concert Pianist
     Women in Islam and Judaism
     Marc Chagall and the Jews of Vitebsk
     Leaving the Charedi Community, a Personal Journey
     The Life of Isaac Rosenberg
     The Ben Uri Art Gallery and Its Exhibition on Bomberg
     Jews in the Film Industry
     Jewish Calligraphy
     The History of Jewish Bread
     Jews and Climate Change
     Islamic and Jewish Midrashim on Isaac and Jesus
     Jews and the National Trust
     Jewish Council for Racial Equality

    Please go to the Limmud Bristol SW website for more information, – or email:

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