Gateshead Hebrew Congregation

Gateshead Hebrew Congregation

Address: 180 Bewick Road, Gateshead NE8

Former Address: Corbitt Street, (previously 79 Prest Street)

Current Status: Active Date

Formed: 1904


  1. Anthony Beauchamp

    Dear Sir/Madam
    I contact you to make an enquiry on records that may be stored at your Synagogue. The gentleman I am searching for is Lazarus Israel Adelstone born c1860, Suwalsky, Poland/Russia. It states on his Newcastle upon Tyne marriage certificate that this ceremony was conducted in a ‘Jewish Synagogue, Albion St.’ I am assuming it is Albion St in Gateshead.
    I Live in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. I am attempting to find information for myself and my family, but especially for my 88 year old mother who has barely known anything about her family. Just this year she has for the first time heard the name of her maternal grandfather and saw in a photograph for the first time her paternal Jewish grandparents.
    Lazarus and his wife, Flora, raised 6 children in Newcastle/Gateshead, all being born in the area. They lived from 1882 to 1906 in a variety residences, which I have addresses for, before setting sail for Australia. His eldest son, Joshua, born 1884 in Newcastle would have celebrated his bar mitzvah in approximately 1897. This would have been in the Newcastle/Gateshead area as well.
    Lazarus may have left his hometown as a 17 year old. His movements I do not know. Somewhere between 1877 and 1882 he ended up in Gateshead/Newcastle.
    I have been using the Jewish Communities and Records UK database to assist, but have found little that may help me. The following website has given me some background information that has simply dangled a carrot in front of me…
    I would appreciate your assistance in how I might be able to find the synagogue that Lazarus was part of and if they hold any records on him or his family.
    I truly appreciate any assistance you may be able to offer.
    Kind regards

  2. jonathan stewart

    Hi there
    i have been running an inter-shul golf tournament for the last 4 years and we have shuls from all over the south of england who participate. there are currently 14 shuls sending teams.
    we are hoping to attract more from outside the London area for future years.

    might Gateshead want to send a team to the 2014 tournament ?
    if so, please give me a contact name and e-mail address and i will send details Jonathan Stewart

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