Berkshire Jewish Community


Ritual: Modern Orthodox

Location: Reading

Contact: Rabbi Solomons – 07828742282

The Jewish Community of Berkshire (JCOB) is a lively group of people of all ages, who get together on Friday nights, Shabbat morning and Festivals.

Some people think that there is not much Jewish life in Berkshire for younger people, but we know that’s not true. Jewish life is what we make of it – and we make it great fun, and very sociable.

What’s more, age is largely in your head! Our regular events are very popular with the younger members of the Jewish community in Berkshire, and we are the only Orthodox community in the County with a living Cheder and ongoing Jewish education.

We are happy to see you wherever you are Jewishly, and guarantee a warm welcome to any of our activities.

Our Rabbi, Zvi Solomons and his Rebbetzin Shira are the only Orthodox Rabbinic couple in Berkshire, and run our Cheder and services from their home in central West Reading.

Please take a tour round our site and see what we can offer you as a Jewish community in the area – we think you’ll like being part of our extended family.

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  1. Hi,

    We do synagogue services based in Reading and are always happy to meet new people. We often meet beginners and the services are warm and welcoming.

    We are doing a service on 24th October (Shabbat uk) abd lunch afterwards. You might enjoy it – please fill in the contact form on our website and we’ll take things from there.

    Kind regards,
    Rabbi Zvi

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