Aberdeen Hebrew Congregation

aberdeen-shulaberdeen jewish community

Aberdeen Synagogue and Jewish Community Centre
Scottish Charity No SC046585

Our new website is http://www.asjcc.co.uk

Address: 74 Dee Street, Aberdeen AB11 6DS

Phone: 07955 706333

After catastrophic water damage almost brought an end to the Aberdeen community in 2017, £26,000 was raised (from the UK and as far afield as USA, Canada, Israel, and Hong Kong) to get the synagogue up and running again. Renovations include new bimah furnishings and torah scroll covers, new flooring, newly repainted woodwork in the hallway, new chairs both in the synagogue and in the community hall, window repairs, and a brand new and hugely improved kitchen area. There is still much to be done, but the rejuvenated community has found new life.

Current Status: Active

Date Founded: 1893

Ritual: Ashkenazi Orthodox

Aberdeen chief rabbi mirvisIn recent years, our membership, although small, has varied in size; many non-members and visitors sparticipate in our community events and services. Unlike many Jewish communities in other parts of the country, our membership has actually been growing slightly in recent years and we are very much a viable and sustainable congregation! According to the last Scottish census, there are about 200 Jews in Aberdeen, with about one third of those attending our events each year. We also have a thriving JSoc at the University for our many non-permanent-resident Jewish students, attending both of Aberdeen’s Universities

The Scottish Council of Jewish Communities 


  1. Neville King

    Almost by chance I see here Lionel Shrago. I knew him and Sandra (who is my ” twin” – were born on the same day) At the beginning of June we spent a Shabbat in the Shool and the Community Centre. If you read this Lionel, please tell me how I can contact you. If not if anyone knows Lionel and Sandra’s contact details can you please send them to

  2. Lionel Shrago

    Replying to Philip Kalson.

    I was involved with the Aberdeen Hebrew Congregation from 1978 to 1998 and remember Esmond very well. I suggest that his noted year of death as 1943 was incorrect as I had the honour to perform his burial service while I was there.

    Esmond had suffered from mental issues from the age of 21 , I understand, after contracting an illness while travelling in the far east. He was a visitor to our house on a number of occasions.

  3. Philip Kalson

    My great-uncle Meyer Kalson lived in Aberdeen with his wife Freda and son Esmond. I visited them in Aberdeen in the 1970’s. They have all passed away (Meyer in 1978, Freda in 1985 and Esmond in 1943).
    I would be interested in hearing from anyone who knew my family there, who could tell me more about them.

  4. Deborah Reynolds

    I have been a Christian for many years and the more I try to find the true God the more I am confused . The Christian faith is supposed to reflect the God in the Torah . Your God the one true God I can see very little resemblance as a Christian. I love listening to Torah teaching and really feel drawn to the Jewish faith. Is it possible for me a gentile to learn from you?
    Thank you

  5. jonathan stewart

    Hi there
    i have been running an inter-shul golf tournament for the last 4 years and we have shuls from all over the south of england who participate. there are currently 14 shuls sending teams.
    we are hoping to attract more from outside the London area for future years.

    might aberdeen want to send a team to the 2014 tournament ?
    if so, please give me a contact name and e-mail address and i will send details Jonathan Stewart

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