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JSCN Radio is a one hour programme of interviews and music about communities and Jewish life in general


 JSCN radio : “Jewish Manifesto for Local Government” edition
 JSCN radio : GDPR edition  
 JSCN radio : magazine edition #3 
 JSCN radio : magazine edition #2 
JSCN radio : magazine edition #1 
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The JSCN Podcast is a collection of one-off interviews and scenes from Jewish life.
Each is under 6 minutes long.

      Karl - barmitzvah boy
      Yom Hashoah 2013
      Jewish Genealogy Society at Failsworth
      An interview with Klatch klezmer
      Jack Aisenberg Holocaust survivor
      Simchat Torah in a wet Succah
      Talking about a new Torah scroll
      Life & Times of Rabbi Brian Fox
      Judaica Stamp Collecting
      Recipe Michelle's Pesach Brownies
      Recipe Michelle's Perogan