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JSCN Radio is a programme of interviews and music about communities and Jewish life in general

 JSCN radio : edition #9 ROSH HASHANAH 

• Unmissable 2nd part of the Accidental Talmudist, with Sal Litvak. My conversation with Sal turns to the moving and emotional story of how his grandma was reunited with the husband she lost in the Holocaust.
• And I talk with Hilary Thomas about her latest book on the history of the Blackburn Jewish community.
Rosh Hashanah MUSIC from…
• Barbara Streisand • Fountainheads • Maccabeats

 JSCN radio : edition #8 

• The Full Bagel: St Annes
• Uprooted: Lyn Julius discusses her book about 300 years of Jews in Arab lands
• Accidental Talmudist: part #1 of my conversation with Sal Litvak

 JSCN radio : edition #7 

• Director Keith Farrell making a film about the first Woman Rabbi
• The Full Bagel – Linda & Brenda in the kitchen at Newcastle Reform
• Jake Berger working with young people in the small Jewish community in Finland

 JSCN radio : edition #6 

• The future for peace in the Middle East
• York – the full bagel

 JSCN radio : “The JLC” edition #5 

• What does the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC) do? Marc Levy & Miki Vyse tell us about their work putting Jewish issues into the public agenda

 JSCN radio : “Jewish Manifesto for Local Government” edition

Ed Horwich asks Philip Rosenberg about The Jewish Manifesto for Local Government.
How will this help our Local Councillors meet the needs of their Jewish population?

 JSCN radio : special GDPR edition  

We asked Jon Benjamin to give us an overview of how the biggest change in this legislation will affect Synagogues, Charities and Community organisations. We look at some practical examples and try to get our heads around a little bit of the jargon. Jon Benjamin is a former CEO of the Board of Deputies, and has also worked in leading roles for UJIA and World ORT.

 JSCN radio : magazine edition #3 

• Jewish Brigades in the Finnish Army WW2
• The Full Bagel community profile Newcastle part #1
• Childhood memory of northern France during the rise of the Nazis
• Photo Documentary of Jewish Refugees & Survivors in Wales

 JSCN radio : magazine edition #2 

• SAM WORKING for a Jewish future for his grandchildren
• SHEFFIELD UHC takes turn at the Full Bagel
• SHECHTING a xmas tree
• AVIVA talks Jews and Genes

JSCN radio : magazine edition #1 

• Hidden Jews of Poland
• Latent Memories Project
• Stoke on Trent – The Full Bagel
• A Survivor’s story “Turn left or turn right?”

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The JSCN Podcast is a collection of one-off interviews and scenes from Jewish life.
Each is under 6 minutes long.

      Karl - barmitzvah boy
      Yom Hashoah 2013
      Jewish Genealogy Society at Failsworth
      An interview with Klatch klezmer
      Jack Aisenberg Holocaust survivor
      Simchat Torah in a wet Succah
      Talking about a new Torah scroll
      Life & Times of Rabbi Brian Fox
      Judaica Stamp Collecting
      Recipe Michelle's Pesach Brownies
      Recipe Michelle's Perogan