To be free, you have to let go of hate

Rabbi Lord Sacks speaks on North Africa & the Middle East

“….I and the great majority of the Jewish people care deeply about the future of the Palestinians. We want Palestinian children, no less than Israeli children, to have a future of peace, prosperity, freedom and hope. Which is why we oppose those who teach Palestinian children to hate those with whom they will one day have to live and who take money, given for humanitarian aid, and use it to buy weapons and dig tunnels to take the region back to a dark age of barbarism.
More generally we say, in the name of the G-d of Abraham, the Almighty merciful and compassionate G-d, that the religion in whose name atrocities are being carried out, innocent people butchered and beheaded, children treated as slaves, civilians turned into human shields, and young people into weapons of self-destruction, is not the Islam that once earned the admiration of the world, nor is its G-d the G-d of Abraham.
It was Nietzsche, not the Prophets, who worshiped the will to power. It was Machiavelli, not sacred scripture, who taught that it is better to be feared than to be loved.
Every religion must wrestle with its dark angels and so today must we, Jews Christians and Muslims alike for we are all children of Abraham and it will only be when we make space for one another, as brothers and sisters, that we will redeem the world from darkness and walk together in the light of G-d.”

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