What we do

JSCN operates as a bridge for those needing to access smaller Jewish communities across the UK.

We also provide a platform for small Jewish communities wishing to reach wider audience.

In addition JSCN provides a number of information resources which would be helpful to this audience.

How we do it

JSCN delivers this through a number of channels: its website, email newsletters, audio streaming, social media etc.

We act predominantly as a bureau or network, where necessary signposting enquiries to the appropriate communities or specialist organisations.

Why we do it

Community without ‘togetherness’ is something of a contradiction.
We seek to bring the community of small communities together, to make it more inclusive within both the Jewish community and the wider UK community.
Sharing experiences, best practice, and ways to contact one another can improve the foundations on which our society is laid.

Open door

JSCN provides a non-judgemental and non-denominational environment where you can safely seek information.

Community Engagement

We are currently developing a series of meetings, bringing regional communities together.

Heritage & Document

In addition we are creating parallel projects to record the histories of communities, and to document them as they are today.

Working on multiple levels

JSCN works with… individuals, communities, Regional Jewish community bodies, local & national Jewish organisations, plus European and other International charities and groups.