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Chanukah Candle Lighting 29 Nov
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Denise Phillips: Chanukah Special 30th November 7.30pm

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Jews by the Seaside

7 December @ 10:30 am - 11:30 am FREE

Pam joins us to discuss her latest book about the history and stories behind Bournemouth’s Jewish Guest Houses and Hotels.


The rise and decline of Bournemouth’s Jewish hotels and guest houses within the context of Anglo-Jewish history, the growth of Bournemouth as a premier resort, and the evolution of its Jewish community.

It explores the decline and changing nature of Bournemouth’s Jewish holiday trade before diving into hotel and guest house life — the food, religious activities, and entertainment. It concludes with  the hopes, achievements, and sorrows of generations of British Jews as they attempted to balance the goal of assimilation with the desire for a world of their own.

Throughout the book, the focus is on those who ran, staffed, and stayed in the kosher establishments, shedding light on the dynamics of the mainly family-run businesses.

Based largely on interviews, the text is replete with humorous and poignant memories and stories.