Swindon Jewish Community

Ritual: Reform

In process of being set up
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Tel: 07493 195966
Erev Shabbat Service Times: 19:45:00 Monthly
Shabbat Service Times: 10:30:00 Monthly
Community Meals: Monthly


  1. Helen Carter

    I am the RE subject leader at a Chippenham primary school and I am trying to organise someone from the Jewish community to lead some teacher training (during a one hour staff meeting) to support with teacher subject knowledge/confidence on such topics as every day Jewish life, Passover, Chanukah, Shabbat and an overview of how Jews show their commitment to G_d. Is this an area anyone from your organisation may be able to help with?
    Many thanks.

  2. Andrew Woodcock

    I am a member of the Malmesbury Town Council of which I am a Town Councillor and on Tuesday we held our monthly council meeting, at the start of the meeting I asked our Mayor was she aware this was the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz and that this was World Holocaust Day. She replied yes she was, I then asked if we could have a period of silence when we remember these evil acts.
    I am a Christian but in the 1950s I had a Jewish class mate whose mother was a German Jew who lost her entire family in the gas chambers.

  3. Jonathan Sissons


    My father is technically Jewish and since visiting Israel for a year in 2000, I have been trying to live in a way that I feel is correct. This has been a matter of faith and includes many aspects of the scripture’s laws. I hope that I can call you or meet to discuss how I can progress and learn. I feel that I need guidance and help to fully appreciate and love our Lord. Thank you.

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