St. Anne’s Hebrew Congregation

St Annes synagogue : photo by PL Chadwick (© creative commons)
St Annes Synagogue

Orchard Road, St. Anne’s on Sea, FY8 1PJ, Lancashire

Tel: 01253 – 721831


Status: Active

Ritual: Ashkenazi Orthodox

Rabbi: Ephraim Guttentag. Together with his wife Malki and children he took up the post in St Annes at Rosh Hashanah 2014. Previously he had worked at Hale Synagogue for four years supporting Rabbi Portnoy. Rabbi Guttentag is also chaplain to the Jewish Student Union at Salford University.

Following the closure of the Leamington Road synagogue in Blackpool, in 2012, that congregation has now merged with St Annes.

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[photo: PL Chadwick ]


  1. Ruth Palmer

    I am looking for someone who is able to teach (Non modern) Hebrew in the Blackpool/Preston Lancashire area. (Or further afieldI am prepared to travel) I am working with Aleph Isn’t Tough at the moment but have reached an impasse and need to find a teacher

    I am hoping to be able to fulfill the linguistic requirements to be able to consider applying for a Masters in theological studies (Harvard) post retirement

    Are you able to help?

  2. Ezra Haraldsson

    Dear Rabbi Guttentag,
    Shalom, we have just moved into the area (Fleetwood) and we are Jewish and are delighted that you are so close, I almost moved to the western highlands but there is no Synagogue!
    Here our children are the first ever Jewish kids in their Primary School.
    Friendly Greetings,
    Ezra & Adina

  3. Came to St Annes on Wedneday for a two night stay (special deal).
    Deal booked only the previous week. Going home this morning for Shabbat. Looked at your website. Looks as if you have already made your mark on the community if the activities on your website are anything to go by. Couldn’t find any times of services on the website. I assume thee are no weekday evening services or I would have popped along & said hello. Only here for a short time.
    Rabbi Ephraim I Hope you & the family are well
    Shabbat Shalom


  4. Ann Tyson

    Hello my name is Ann Tyson and I am a teacher at Preesall Fleetwood’s Charity C of E school.During early July 2015 we are holding a multi faith week. Would it be possible for some of our pupils to visit your synagogue to learn more about Judaism?Please could you get in touch if this is possible?
    Many thanks

  5. Mr Philip Rosen

    I will be visiting Blackpool for a few days next week, and wondered if any of my father’s sister’s family, the Bernstein’s, still lived in the area. I have unfortunately lost touch over the years and felt it would be a good opportunity to meet any of my aunt Hettie Bernstein’s descendants. I will be staying in Blackpool

  6. Amanda Roth (Mrs)

    I would like to come along tomorrow as I am new to the community here in Blackpool. I appologise for contacting you a this late hour, but I would like to know the best route to reach you. As I always get lost, I have a bus pass, but if there is anyone in the area that could meet me. As I would also like to attend Sedar night on Monday if possible.

  7. Keith Pearce

    I was sent a copy of your article on Penzance. It would seem that much of the information came from by (co-edited) book “The Lost Jews of Cornwall” (2000), or possibly from Cecil Roth’s articles (1933).
    You may be interested to know that I have a new book coming out next year “The Jews of Cornwall – A History (Halsgrove pp. 650 £24.99). Incidentally, although Morris Bicshofwerder remained in Penzance until he did not attend the synagogue up to that year, because it was sold in 1906.

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